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Post-Mastectomy Specialists

Breast Prosthesis - Best Quality in the World

Almost U Prosthetics stock only the BEST breast prostheses available in the country.

Best of all 98% of all medical schemes pay for these breast prostheses, when received either during the year of your diagnosis and surgery; or even the following 2 years after your mastectomy surgery. 

Please contact the practice for more information regarding your medical aid specific rules.


Good news: ---- MOST medical schemes pay for your prosthesis but there is some bad news....

Bad news: ---- SOME medical schemes (2 or 3 at most) don't pay for your prosthesis; this is mainly when you're a member of that medical schemes hospital plan and you unfortunately don't qualify for a prosthesis as per scheme rules.

Things to consider --- The bigger more popular medical schemes classify a BREAST PROSTHESIS as part of the oncology treatment plan; this means that they will pay in-full from the oncology benefit and thus your "day-to-day" benefit will not be depleted.




Medical scheme authorisation 

Almost U Prosthetics will forward a motivation letter and quotation to your medical scheme, we will follow-up to make sure your are allowed the maximum benefit as per your medical scheme rules.