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Post-Mastectomy Specialists

I  have consultation rooms in Umhlanga Ridge - Durban.

All fitting of breast prostheses and mastectomy bras will be done by Jannette Botha on an appointment basis and patient are asked to schedule an appointment early to avoid disappointment. 

The Umhlanga Consulting Rooms are located in the Ilala Ridge shopping center.  We are located in Dr. Patel's rooms on the 1st floor, and patients can feel comfortable in the clinical environment.



One Consultation - No driving up and down for orders and fittings

Even though the Umhlanga Ridge practice won't be run as a retail facility, but more on appointment basis, I still guarantee that I will have stock.

Since I import directly form Germany; you are guaranteed to only travel to my consulting rooms once. The patient will be fitted with the Breast Prosthesis and Mastectomy bras the same day and will be able to take her items home

We have the basic everyday range of bras in stock at the rooms.  You will be fitted with your correct fitting bra and you are allowed to take your bras home the same day.  I stock everyday wearing bras that are normally beige or black in colour, bras are selected according to your body and breast shape. If your would like another bra, which is another colour or shape, I will gladly order it from either Germany or Austria.  The estimated waiting period for special ordered bras are 2-3 weeks.

Our competitors have sample stock and your bras are ordered from a catalogue, after the order your are expected to wait 2-3 weeks for the order to arrive from overseas... then when you return for your 2nd fitting at the competitors, you hope the items ordered will fit.  If your bras don't fit... then you'll have to wait another extended time for new bras to arrive... 

Plainly said, you can expect excellent service with the added knowledge that I have enough stock that will leave you looking a 100% natural!

You are dealing with a diagnosis of breast cancer, you don't have time to travel up and down for prosthesis and bra fittings... !


Some medical aids that pay for Post-Mastectomy products:                                                                                                             Almost U Prosthetics will liaise with your medical aid in arranging authorization for the breast prosthesis and mastectomy bras.                               We are "contracted-into" all medical aids, so contact the practice and we will check if your medical aid will cover your required items.                 Private patients are offered a reduced cash rate.


Please remember that the consultations are on a booking basis.



Contact the office on 083 431 8889 and we will gladly help with any information and advice before you go in for your mastectomy.  

We will also liaise with your medical scheme for the authorization, making sure that they cover all the items that you need.alt


 Jannette Botha - Orthotics and  Prosthetics

Almost U Prosthetics

Ilala Ridge Shopping Centre

Cr. of Ilala drive and Umhlanga Rocks Drive


 083 431 8889