Poland Syndrome is a rare congenital condition affecting the chest, breast, and sometimes the upper extremity (arm and hand) on one side of the body. Generally, the pectoralis major muscle is absent or underdeveloped, and the overlying breast is absent, small or misshapen.
By Rebecca Butcher

I realised that my chest was "different" when I was in high school, looking around and seeing my classmates buying new bikinis and bras while I still had one breast left to grow. For a long time I even believed that for everyone, one breast grows faster than the other.

This is mostly because my doctors always told me, "You haven't finished growing yet," despite me having one fully grown breast. So I waited and waited, sometimes hoping that one morning I might wake up and have a "normal" chest, but obviously, that never happened.

It was suggested that a "post-mastectomy bra" (which women who have lost breasts to cancer usually wear) would be the most helpful for my issue.

The breast doctor measured me and gave me what they called a "breast prosthesis" made by Amoena. This insert looks like a breast, is the same colour and shape, can come in different skin colours and sizes, and can fit into any supportive bra.

I remembered the name Amoena and searched their website to find so many beautiful bras and swimsuits and pyjamas. I thought that they were just made for people with breast cancer but I was 100% wrong! Their pocketed products work perfectly for me, they support my chest, are made from super comfortable materials and give me the chance to swim and wear lingerie without constantly checking and worrying that my boobs might have fallen out.

For me, finding Amoena is one of the most memorable turning points in my life, knowing that I can now live without worrying about my chest or constantly having to be on the hunt for bras that don't support me properly. And I might not have even found out about their brand if the NHS hadn't given me an insert for my bras.
Rebecca Butcher
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Young girls who suspect they have Poland Syndrome are advised to make an appointment for an evaluation from either our Prosthetist or their General practitioner.
As POLAND SYNDROME is rarely covered by Public or Private medical schemes, we at ALMOST U PROSTHETICS have helped several girls, free of charge.

Please contact Jannette on 0834318889 if you would like to be part of our #polandsyndrome program.



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