Immediate breast reconstruction at the time of your tumour removal is currently the standard of care. Apart from the obvious psychological benefits, there are also technical advantages of preserving the skin envelope of your breast - and possibly the nipple and areola too – all of which will produce a superior aesthetic result.

Various options are available, and the choice of your procedure will be tailored to the type, location and biology of your cancer as well as your specific preferences and desires. The one key factor that stays the same during a reconstruction procedure will be aftercare.

Each surgery should proceed as optimally as possible in the circumstances. However, the surgical result is not influenced by surgery alone. Perfect post-surgery care also contributes significantly to an optimal healing process.
The Amoena compression textiles are designed specifically for women who have undergone breast surgery. They help to minimise the risk of postoperative bleeding and swelling and to alleviate the associated pain.

At the same time, compression bras calm the breast that has been operated on and keep that area of the body stable. In combination with the pressure coming from compression textiles, they can promote wound healing and stabilise the shape and function of the breast. In this way, compression bras provide excellent support and protection even in the case of sudden, unpleasant movements such as sneezing and coughing.



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